Pack 396 Campfire Ashes History

For over 100 years, the ashes of campfires past have been passed down, from campfire to campfire.

As the story goes, this tradition started with Lord Robert Baden-Powell, father of Scouting.

During the campfire at the end of the first Scout Camp for Boys, Baden-Powell took a container of ashes, and told this story:

“We carry our friendships with us in these ashes from other campfires with comrades in other lands.

May the joining of the past fires with the leaping flames of this campfire, symbolize once more the unbroken chain that binds scouts and guides of all nations together.

With greetings from our brothers and sisters around the world, I add these ashes, and the fellowship therein, to our campfire.”

1907: England – Brownsea Island, Poole Harbor, Dorset, England

1933: Hungary – 4th World Jamboree, Godollo (ashes received 1973 from Lady Olave Baden-Powell at 8th U.S. National Jamboree, ID)

1941: Kenya – Soil from Baden-Powell’s grave in Nyeri

1944: Sweden – European Encampment

1956: Scotland – International Jamboree, Blair Athol

1957: Japan – Komaki Camporee, Nacoya Japan

1965: Canada – Fellowship Camp, Lady Baden-Powell lit the fire

1965: Holland – Girl Guides Campout

1971: Moon – July 26 – Aug 15, Apollo 15, David Scott, James Irwin, Al Worden & Hadley Hill carried in a small vial during a moon walk

1972: Thailand – Joint Scout Leaders Training Course, Ubon

1973: USA – National Jamboree East. Moraine State Park, PA

1973: Austria – Campout, Weidenbach

1974: Greece – International Jamboree

1980: USA – Ashes from Mount Saint Helens, WA (Destroyed two BSA camps & one Girl Scout camp)

1990: England – Gilwell Park Training Centre

1992: USA – Wood Badge NC-178, Medicine Mountain Scout Camp, SD

1992: USA – Big Horn Junior Leader Training, Camp Tahosa, CO

1995: USA – Valley District Klondike, Timberline Camp Grounds, CO

1995: USA – Wood Badge WEM 61-2-95, Camp Tahosa, CO

1995: Netherlands – 18th World Jamboree, Dronien

1995: USA – Tahosa Lodge Fall Fellowship, Vigil Honor, Peaceful Valley, CO

1997: USA – Wood Badge WM 61-97, Camp Tahosa, CO

2001: USA – Wood Badge W5-61-01, Peaceful Valley, CO

2002: USA – Wood Badge WE5-61-02, Camp Tahosa, CO

2003: USA – Wood Badge W5-61-1-03, Peaceful Valley, CO

2003: USA – Wood Badge W5-61-2-03, Peaceful Valley, CO

2004: USA – Wood Badge WE5-61-04, Peaceful Valley, CO

2005: USA – Wood Badge W5-61-05, Camp Tahosa, CO

2007: USA – Wood Badge WE5-61-07, Camp Tahosa, CO

2008: USA – Wood Badge WE5-61-2-08, Windy Peak Outdoor Lab, Magness Adventure Camp, CO

2010: USA – Wood Badge WE5-61-2-10, Camp Tahosa, CO

2011: USA – Wood Badge W5-61-11-2, Peaceful Valley, CO

2012: USA – Wood Badge W5-61-12-2, Camp Tahosa, CO

2013: USA – Wood Badge W5-61-13-2, Camp Tahosa, CO

2014: USA – Wood Badge W2-61-14-3, Camp Tahosa, CO

2014: France – Normandy Camporee

2015: USA – Wood Badge W2-61-15-1, Camp Tahosa, CO

2015: USA – Wood Badge W2-61-15-2, Camp Tahosa, CO

2016: USA – Wood Badge W2-61-16-1, Peaceful Valley, CO

2016: USA – Wood Badge W2-61-16-2, Camp Tahosa, CO

2017: USA – Wood Badge W2-61-17-1, Peaceful Valley, CO

2018: USA – Wood Badge W2-61-18-2, Camp Tahosa, CO

2019: England – Wood Badge N5-802-19 Gilwell Park

2019: USA – Wood Badge W2-61-19-2, Camp Tahosa, CO

2021: USA – Wood Badge W2-61-20-1, Peaceful Valley, CO

2022: USA – Pack 396 Family Camp, Wellington Lake, CO

2023: USA – Pack 396 Family Camp, Westcliffe, CO

2023: USA – Wood Badge W2-61-23-1, Peaceful Valley, CO

2023: USA – Pack 396 Family Camp, Cherry Creek State Park, CO