2024 Summer Scavenger Hunt

The Pack 396 Summer Scavenger Hunt is a fun way to get Scouting families outdoors whenever they have time, since summer schedules can be so busy. There will be one token hidden for the month of June, one for July, and one for August. Scouts can earn a cool prize for finding each token, as well as satisfying the participation requirements for the Summertime Fun Adventure if they can’t attend other pack events. Check back here for more riddles at the beginning of each month!

June Riddle – About 1.7 Miles

Before you begin, please make sure your Scout has a compass! They will need to use it (with help) to find the token on this month’s riddle. If you don’t know how to take a bearing (also called shooting an azimuth) you can review here: 

If you need to use a map with your compass to complete an adventure for your den, you can find a printable map of the area here:

Before you start you’ll need the place

It’s Ray J. Harvie Open Space.

A parking lot, a bathroom, yay!

Just walk right past, you’re on your way.

A fork this soon? We’ve just begun!

The right’s the way to have our fun.

A bridge you’ll see, now go across

Go to the structure amid the rocks.

The stones you’ll see, they’re placed just so

I’ll tell you where you want to go.

Some signs to read, a table too

The stones you want are one and two.

They are attached, connected with

And sit along the pathway in.

The far one’s flat, a perfect perch

Now jump right up and have a search.

A compass is the thing you need

The perfect tool, it is indeed.

Put red in shed and orient

An azimuth is my intent.

To find your way you must arrive

At bearing number two five five.

Just line it up and you will see

A landmark there, a single tree.

Your path will lead along this route

You’ve had a break, it’s time to scoot!

Just past the tree, another split

Stay to the right and just don’t quit.

You’ll crest the rise and you will see

The splendor of a mountain scene.

Enjoy the view but don’t stop here

It’s getting warm, this time of year.

Another fork, who would have guessed?

Stay right my friend, that would be best.

Around the curve, there is a spot

To take a break if it’s too hot.

A picnic bench, some shade and stones

The perfect place to rest your bones.

A fence you’ll see, with middle gap

Two stones lie here to take a nap.

Jump right on up, a perfect place

To stand and smile with your face.

Your compass here you’ll need again

To find your way, my Cub Scout friend.

True north’s the way, zero degrees

Let’s see if we can find some trees!

Around the bend and soon you’ll spot,

A path, but pass without a thought.

Go right on past, don’t even look

The path you want curves like a crook.

You’re looking for the last of three

Shade structures on this property.

No picnic bench, but grab a snack

And pull your compass from your pack.

Your azimuth same as the first

It’s two five five, your way reversed!

Around these bends you’ve been before

Your path, your way, the one ignored.

Turn left and go between two posts

The way you’ll find is not like most.

The trail til now has been hard-packed

But starting here, a rougher track.

Your way is marked, guideposts abound

They’re on your left, you’ll want to count.

Follow along, between the trees

Until you’ve counted thirty-three.

Then on the right, down low you’ll find.

Tied to a trunk, your goal entwined!

You’ve found your way, you’ve had your fun.

Pull charm from tin and then you’re done!

Keep going if you want to leave

Don’t turn back now, you must believe.

The path rejoins the graveled trail

Turn right, go fast, not like a snail.

A fork but you will stay to right

You’ll make it home before the night!

July Riddle

August Riddle

If you get stuck, call or text Jared and he’ll do his best to help you out!